Friday, May 30, 2014

Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood....

I was supposed to do this yesterday and I'm at a conference and I got caught up in activities and didn't get a chance!!!

We are so excited to announce that Cindi Rogers first book, Becoming Mrs. Rogers is now available on at the link below.  This book was a labor of love
for Cindi, as well as her husband, Chris.  The process has been a wonderful learning experience and going forward will continue to require more learning.

This book is a memoir of sorts about her life (and Chris') in dealing with
the birth and subsequent diagnosis of fragile X syndrome for their two boys. The timeline travels from birth to present day and covers lots of different issues like school, behavior, therapies and day-to-day life.  It will take you through some downs and eventually some ups, only to come out with moments of joy and hope.  It was an emotional journey for me while writing it, for Chris while reading it, and we hope for you, too. 

We also hope that you might consider reading it, and/or sharing it (forward this e-mail if you like) with others in your life that might benefit from such a story.

Buy here:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh the spills

I'm sure that most moms can relate to this ... But we have an unreasonable amount of spills in our home. And I much as I would just LOVE to blame it on the kids the truth is I spill probably 3 times the amount of stuff that they do.

I start running behind and get in a rush then I end up spilling everything I touch especially in the kitchen. Lately I feel like I have been in a rush almost every waking hour! HA! Then I spill something, this evening it was a cup of Baja Blast mountain dew, and get even further behind than what I was to begin with.

This evening I could hear God saying "Brittany slow down!" And yes he was stating it with an exclamation mark :) Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and we wish days away. But in the grand scheme of things most of the stuff doesn't matter and these babies won't be babies forever. They will be grown in the blink of an eye.

So I am trying to remember to slow down and savor the little moments. Whether its Payson wanting to sit in my lap as I type, or Dalton wanting me to watch a cartoon with him, or Nick wanting to sing Patty Cake for the 20th time in the last 20 minutes. Each moment is a memory we will have together.

So tonight forget about the laundry (I assure you it will still be there tomorrow), let the dishes stay in the sink a little longer (or use the dishwasher!!!), don't worry about vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping because it will be just as sticky and dusty tomorrow as it is right now. And just enjoy the little moments that our lives are filled with.


It Won't Be Like this for Long

Friday, May 2, 2014

Leaps and Bounds

I am not sure who came up with the idea that all little girls were sweet, bow loving, dress wearing, petite little ladies. But Payson has decided that she is going to single-handily destroy this myth!

All that curly hair and the blue eyes are just there to distract you while she plots her next adventure. She can wrestle and be as rough and tough as Dalton. She does tend to cry a little more when she gets hurt but it's only momentary. She has little to no fear of just about everything exception of horses.

So I tell you all this to tell you what happened in our home this evening. Arizona's kennel is directly behind the center section of our sectional couch. Payson and Dalton both were climbing onto the kennel then sliding down the couch cushions. I had told them repeatedly to stop. Dalton did finally stop but Payson didn't.

I went to get her down and put her in time out and when she saw me coming.... wait for it.... She stood up on top of the kennel and took a flying leap completely over the couch and landing on her bottom about 3 feet from the couch. I was like seriously child!

She will for sure be the cause of the end of my sanity.


It Won't Be This Way For Long