Monday, April 28, 2014

No use crying over spilled milk....

Sunday we enjoyed a great day at Dollywood! The kids had a blast. We were really impressive with how well they handled waiting in lines, the crowds, and noise level at times! We used going as incentive for Dalton to be good at school. I promised him if he was good for 3 weeks then he would get to go.

Then we came home. Well the first thing I notice when we get home....NO MILK!! I don't know about your all's house but in this house that is a tragedy to my children. So I turn around, leave the house and go get 2 gallons of milk. I get back home put away one gallon of milk and put the other on the counter.

I pour 2 glasses out of the gallon for Nick and Payson. However, instead of putting it away in the fridge I set it on the counter for a second to do something else.

Payson comes back and sees the lasso (which had been put up because they try to drag each other around with it) on the counter and tries to pull it down. However she only accomplishes knocking pretty much EVERYTHING else off the counter PLUS the gallon of milk. Jug busted and milk went EVERYWHERE. Of course the kids then saw a slip and slide in my kitchen (at one point or another in the clean-up all 3 of them fell.)

Sometime days I feel like we are walking around on milk on a tile floor. Slipping and sliding every which way just trying to find our footing. Sometimes we get it wrong and fall back down again but every now and then we find just the right spot to step that steadies us back out.


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