Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bunk Bed Adventures

My husband and I decided a while back we wanted to get the boys bunk beds since it will be a long while before we have the chance for all 3 kids their own rooms. A couple of weekends ago we finally got them and we rearranged the rooms and everything else for them to fit in the house.

We got them all set up and everything in their rooms changed around (because we also switched which bedroom they had with Payson's) one evening while Mom kept the youngest two for us. It took like 12 hours to get everything set up. Then the very next day we went up stairs to start settling down for the evening and I walk into the boys' room to find a slat from the top bunk had busted down the middle. Splinters were everywhere. *Only my children could do this in ONE day and they had only been up there for MAYBE 30 minutes by themselves all day long!!

My latest adventure is couponing. I am trying very hard to save us money on our grocery bill *I believe this maybe the new American dream*

Dalton is doing so great with Zona, with school, and with therapies! He is going to be having his tonsils removed the week of Thanksgiving. He won't partake in the normal Thanksgiving foods just so everyone doesn't think I'm being mean. I figured Thanksgiving break was better than Christmas break.

I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. It is my FAVORITE holiday!! If you need me I will be absorbed in Pinterest figuring out the best way to turn my trash into decorations! :)

I added the link for You Are More by Tenth Avenue North because I feel like sometimes we all need a reminder that if you are a born again believer "You have been remade" Our sins were washed away with Jesus blood. Not some of them or a few of them. He didn't go through them and say I will cover this one but not that it's too bad. It covered them all forever! Thank you Jesus!!

You Are More-Tenth Avenue North

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