Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day #5 & #6

Yesterday I was a slacker! This being away from home and constantly on the go is starting to wear me down a little :) But we were up and back at it again today even if we were running a little bit late getting started!

This was after our tracking this morning in the rain! Today was the first day we got to take the lead about half way through the track. I definitely see why the lady trainer wears a glove on the hand she holds the flexi-lead with. Arizona is strong and fast as, I'm sure, the other dogs are and it doesn't take long for your hand to get raw. However, it is totally worth it! We have started working on a few short tracks in the hotel. Hopefully, it will start getting a little easier each time for Arizona to know who "her boy" is.

Payson, Nick, and mom went to a wedding today of a family member that lives close by. Apparently Payson was a wild woman, the norm, and Nick was as good as a baby can be. :)

Dalton is continuously warming up to Arizona and she is quickly finding her place in our little family. Charlie and I both agree that Papaw is going to love her which will make Dalton like her even more! One week down and one more week to go before we get to go home.


It was one of these kind of days today! --->   Free to Be Me

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