Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day #4

Our tracking went pretty well this morning. They were mowing at the park we went to so it took Arizona a little longer to catch the scent and it was harder for her to keep it BUT she did it! I'm still just in awe of the tracking.

Arizona was listening intently during class!

However her boy was fast asleep again :)

It amazes us how quickly he is warming up to her. Payson was even petting on her A LOT tonight. Arizona hasn't quite figured Nick out just yet. I think she is trying to decide if he is a toy because he is so small. Every time he gets near her he gets a good licking right in the face.

Tomorrow will be our first public outing with the dogs and I'm excited to see how it goes. Tethering is a another BIG BIG deal for us so we are excited to start practicing that!

Below I attached the link for Casting Crowns "Praise you in this Storm" video. For a very specific reason. When we first started our journey finding Dalton's diagnosis, dealing with doctors, school systems and therapist, then getting a diagnosis, and finding a path we needed to be on to help him in the most effective way this was kind of my theme song. Because there were some weeks that every day seemed like a storm. Some days I was taking it hour by hour.

Once we found a diagnosis it was more like what we thought was a small detour in life changed the whole direction of it. The journey was just beginning! Our path is continuously changing depending on his needs and the other needs of our family as a whole. But I don't at this current time feel quite like everyday is a "storm" it's more like we have a few "misty spots" throughout the day.

But today I was thinking I want to praise God the same whether we have a stormy day or a misty day or a bright sunshiny day! Because regardless He is in control. He is our God and we will praise Him regardless of our situation and current outlook on the day!


Casting Crowns--Praise You In This Storm

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