Thursday, October 24, 2013

Almost finished!

Tomorrow is our Public Access Test and if all goes well Graduation Day!!! Woooooo!!!

We have had a great experience here at 4 Paws and we love love love our Arizona! But we are definitely ready to go home to our own beds and to get settled back into our routines!

This morning we did three tracks and Arizona was a rock star every time! The last track we did completely in the woods, a lot of what we have done has been Dalton walking across a field then just inside the tree line but back home woods is more likely! Arizona found her boy without any issues.

Tethering has been a bit of a challenge so far, not for Arizona but for Dalton. We aren't sure what part of it his doesn't like just yet but we will continue working on it when we get back home where we can play around with the options a bit more.

Arizona also does some tricks like shaking hands, giving high five, playing dead, and we had to teach her to "fist bump" since this is Dalton's new thing! We worked on "giving kisses" a little bit last night but we have deterred her from licking from the beginning so this is a little confusing for her while sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's not so we aren't sure that we are going to pursue this one. However, Dalton thought it was hilarious when she was doing it.

We can't wait for all of our family, friends, teachers, and therapists to meet Arizona when we get home!!

I attached Mandisa Overcomer below especially for all the 4 Paws families. We were VERY lucky to get Arizona as soon as we did but these families work sooo hard to make this dream happen for their children/family! Even when the fundraising goal seems mountainous they just keep at it!!



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