Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's it like to be a mom?

If someone asked me "What's it like to be a mom?" What would I say? Where to begin...

The experience is indescribable at times. To love a child gives a whole new meaning to love. It is a feeling unlike any other and to be love back by a child is just amazing. It can also be heartbreaking.

Smells of being a mother-pee, poop, spit up, puke, baby lotion, soured milk cup/bottle left under the couch or the bed.

Feelings-exhausted, wonderful, insane, crazy, loved, taken for grant.

What you hear- I'm pretty sure I'm told "NO" more now than I was as a teenager, "Me (this is what Dalton calls me instead of mommy), me, me, me what you doin." x10 :) I don't like to complain about what I hear because there was a time when I wondered if I would ever hear more than a handful of words from Dalton.

I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world. God blessed me with 3 beautiful children and I'm convinced I'll come out on the other side of this wonderful journey as a better, slightly less sane, person.

We are finally getting settled in with school and the new medicines. All seems to be going pretty well. Dalton is starting to get some work done at school, Payson is starting to talk more, and Nick is crawling everywhere!!


Colossians 3:14
But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.

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