Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Plans disrupted....

Charlie and I work very hard to have "a plan" for this or that. We have spent hours, even days sometimes debating about this or that. And yesterday was one of those days where the God said "You had a plan? Well, I'm changing it."

I feel like I spend at least half of my days planning how things will go, or where we are going to go, when the bills will be paid, or what's for dinner. However, my plans normally get disrupted. If not by God then most definitely by the kids. Example, Dalton-thinking"Mom wants me to look remotely clean because I have Speech and OT and must go out in public. How can I NOT do this? There's a purple sharpie!!!" Me talking to him-"Dalton was it really necessary to draw lines & circles ALL OVER your arms, legs, and stomach with the sharpie! }f you could just keep it on your legs and stomach next time so it can be covered, I would appreciate it."

It's Fragile X Awareness month and July 22nd is National Fragile S Awareness Day. July 20th will be our run/walk in honor of this day and we are super excited about it!!! I hope everyone will help us raise awareness this month!


Personal insight-I don't know if you know this, I'm sure most of you do, but God waits on no man and when he says something will happen this way or that, it will regardless of our opinions.

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