Thursday, March 8, 2012

"X" Marks the Spot

My name is Brittany Marshall and my son, Dalton, has Fragile X Syndrome. Dalton just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and we found out the diagnosis just a few weeks before that.

I'm still running through some of the emotions with finding out the diagnosis. Mad, denial, sad, devastated, happy to have an answer finally, and so many more. I'm finding myself getting to the acceptance side a little more each day. Because I know that the day that I got the call that told me the diagnosis, it could have been so much worse than "Fragile X Syndrome".

So, now I am at the point where I want to tell the whole world about it and help other people who are dealing with the same things. I know I'm just beginning this journey but along every stage of the journey there will be something that someone else will be able to benefit from.

"X" Marks the Spot Mommy

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